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The top panel SMS

Well it depends on what board to buy sms ?
Many items in the shopping Panel sms good there, some of which will be discussed below

۱ – Support Services

Perhaps one of the most important items in the shopping Panel sms Care
Support and availability of the vendor to provide support and solve your problem
Because if you eat the wrong time and you may not be able to solve the problem for a time to lose

۲ – An online portal without charge

The online portal is one of the biggest advantages of a good panel SMS
The less time you charge your panel
And the need to communicate with the seller and get the account number to deposit the money (graphics card or deposit account) and it would not have done the job very easy.

۳ – a symbol of trust

Today, the majority of authorized sites, ie sites which are active in monitoring
Have a temporary or permanent symbol of confidence that the symbol site Aynmad ( are the center of Supervisors and organize Web sites and e-business development and cooperation with the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Commerce (Department of Commerce) Shall be the holder of all of the legal process before identifying documents, certify signatures and documents submitted and the property used to organize activities that have been approved to receive a permanent symbol.

۴ – Theory and Policy report with Excel output capability of

Theory and Policy precise individual posts is very important that you know that you’ve sent an SMS to the destination is reached or not, and if it has been unsuccessful to return the cost
How much should you charge SMS is Back

۵ – Return to the cost of a failed

So given that on average 5 to 10 percent of the black list of posts and telecommunications SMS has not reached them, it is very important items such as the cost Dygrbazgsht hide a Theory and Policy (N/A) and not the cost of returning the phone ‘s.

SMS is a different situation to the board received a text message on the phone it may happen
Given that the majority of people have blocked their numbers so they do not send promotions

۶ – Having dedicated lines owned

Dedicated lines are meant only for the personal use of the purchaser and receive SMS from the way the line and having the right to transfer ownership of the site and the other company’s

A panel of more than 70 percent of facilities with dedicated lines meaning sms will get facilities like SMS – SMS Clerk – Racing – Survey, draw and …

The items listed are the most important factors in selecting a panel to SMS Well worth

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